Western Iowa Networks SignUp – Hickory Ridge/Cedar Hills

Western Iowa Networks SignUp - Hickory Ridge/Cedar Hills
It's time to build your Fiberhood! Sign up today to receive your ultimate Internet upgrade!
A letter of credit from a utility or $50 deposit required for renters.

Internet Service

Available Internet Packages

Promotional Pricing is Locked in for the length of the two-year contract. Internet service requires an ONT/Modem lease charge of $6.49 per month.

The Gigacenter Wi-Fi router is included with this pricing but you are not required to use it. You may use your own if you wish.

If you would like a customized Wi-Fi network name and Wi-Fi password for your Gigacenter router, please let us know your preferences and we will set it up for you! *Note one special character is required and password must be at least 8 characters in length. [Ex. !@#$%^&*()]

Voice Service

*Includes E911 surcharge
Multi-service discount of $5 per service will be offered if they take internet & phone.

Bill Payment & Additional Options

Get In Touch

Carroll: 712-775-2946
Breda: 712-673-2311
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